Groundrules for the 21st century

The book tells how the development of the coming decades will unfold in the tension between two fundamental trends:

- Mankind will face robust environmental challenges, not least from climate change and the increasing need to restrict and manage our consumption of natural resources.

- Simultaneously, the world with everyone and everything it, will connected very close with ever more sophisticated digital technology
We will be in a close race between our growing needs and our ability to develop new and more effective ways to extract utility and sustenance from nature.

We have never been richer, yet it seems as though we've also never been closer to driving humanity directly into the abyss. The good news is that we never had better tools to understand the world and to develop solutions to thrive in it.

All real progress and prosperity arise through the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences with others - and this interaction can become far more comprehensive and productive. But it requires that we understand the game rules. Some key words for the demands and opportunities of the 21st. century are accountability, participation, transparency and holistic thinking.

I've done a - somewhat rough - translation of the book.
The chapters are available for download as pdf-files here:

You can download photos of the author and the cover of the book here:

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