Peter Hesseldahl - in English

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Peter Hesseldahl is a journalist and editor of digital transformation at Ugebrevet Mandag Morgen - a weekly Danish business magazine.

Hesseldahl is a frequently used speaker and moderator, in Denmark and abroad.

Hesseldahl is an experienced consultant and project manager specializing in foresight and innovation.

In recent years, Hesseldahl's work and research has focused on the transition from the industrial economy to a new economy, characterized by digital technology and networks, and the need to thrive with far less strain on the environment.

Some of the key words for this change are: platforms, Internet of Things, "smart" systems, Big Data, circular economy, learning and intelligent machines, and not least disruption. This is a deep and rapid change, and it is crucial to understand the rules of the game to make it a positive scenario.

Hesseldahl has mapped these changes and the strategies that one might pursue to meet them through the WE-economy project.

As a futurist, Hesseldahl has worked with trends, scenarios and strategies for many large Danish and foreign companies - mainly within LEGO and Danfoss.

Among his clients have been  Velux, Shell, Novo-Nordisk, BNP Paribas,NRGi and  Bühler.

In 2016 led Hesseldahl SDU platformX, a project that formed the basis for the University of Southern Denmark's efforts to innovate the way it delivers learning in the future.

For the French bank BNP Paribas has worked on the planning of exhibitions about the changes in the economy. The exhibition Waves  shown in Europe, USA and Asia, most recently in China.


As a journalist Hesseldahl covered the future and technology front lines for radio, newspapers and television

Hesseldahl is the author of 7 books and has produced a number of documentary films that have been sold to TV stations in Europe, USA and Japan.

At the Universe Foundation, Peter Hesseldahl led several projects focusing on innovation and business development in Asia.

- Asia New Business compared the Danish companies' approach to innovation with the methods typically used by companies in China, Korea and Singapore. 

- Frugal solutions investigated how Danish companies can develop solutions to users' needs at much lower prices - for example. by using the Indian Jugaad approach, or the Chinese Shanzai approach.


In 2002 Hesseldahl joined LEGO VisionLab as a futurist and strategic consultant - focusing on robotics, mobile communication and electronic universes.

In 2005 he moved to Danfoss Universe to build up an educational facility and interactive science experience.